Wednesday, 22 October 2008

You're The Best Kept Secret Rolling Off My Tongue

Lovely things I want from Miss Selfridge

1.Metallic Lace Dress-£50
2.Polka Dot Shirt-£25
3.Red Strapless Fringe Dress-£45
4.Black Chiffon Bid Dress-£38
5.Black Velvet Bow Dress-£45
6.Long Black Cardi-£18
7.Black Tulip Mini Skirt-£28
8.Black Heart Ring-£8
9.Fabric Print Ring-£6

Ive been looking for a new long cardi for a while, to replace my two cheap primark ones. All the others i found seemed to be over £30, so I'm happy I've found a much cheaper one.

I had such a borning day at work today, I was adjusting magazine stock levels. So I decided to order in copies of fashion magazines I want. I've applied for a new job as an apprentice admin assistant and Brooke's uni, so hopefully I get the job!

Thanks for your lovely comments, it makes me happy. I'm still angry though! I have moment of thinking 'what the hell am I doing pining after him?!' then I have moment of 'I really miss him'. It's just really not like him at all to be so stupid. Part of me things I am making a big deal about this because hes not my boyfriend, but then I was really sure we were getting back together, he really did act that way. Oh, I looked on that girls myspace page today, she's seriously vile! I really hate the fact that my friendship with him may be ruined, because I much as I feel hurt, I do want him in my life, he is one of my best friends.

Now I'm off to make a card for my mummy's birthday tomorrow.


FashionSqueah! said...

Oh such pretty things! I always forget about Miss Selfridge for some's kinda like Topshop's ugly duckling sister! Good luck with the job and also with the boy situation...I hate that nice boys so easily fall for skanky girls. Char x

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh dear i really feel for you my love about the boy thing. try to think of happy things. i ring my mother when i feel pants about the boy too.
try to have fun with friends.i found cheap long cardigans in new look today...not my usual shop... but weren't too bad actually. incase you wanted some more.

Alice said...

Fringe dress! I really want one! I saw a really nice black one at, but alas, no job = no money!

I must admit to looking on myspace profiles and having a feeling of postivity whe i realise how horrid someones new girlfriend or possible new girlfriend may be.

I hope the card making and your mothers birthday went well :)

Anonymous said...

ooh they are all such nice things! You've got me wanting to pop into miss selfridge now.. especially since my primark cardigans are falling apart too.

yiqin; said...

The metallic lace dress looks so amazing.

the tea drinking english rose said...

bless you for your comment. i truly feel i've known you for ages. it's so weird. but a lovely feeling.

anyway, miss potter you shouold buy and snuggle up all the time, especially when it's raining or when you're feeling down!

hallowe'n outfit is sorted thank you for all your help my love.
i'm going as a ghost. not your typical sheet over head ghost, but a lady, maybe miss haversham from great expectations.
white skin, white hair, cobwebs.

i'll stop babbling now.
forever sparkles for you. xxx

clairegrenade said...

awesome picks, i must say!

i hope your friend situation has improved since this comment!!

best wishes & lovely blog!!

Anonymous said...

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