Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Better Than Heaven

This week has gone way too quickly! Tomorrow is New Years Eve, I'm still not sure on what exactly I am doing.
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas day. Mine was nice, lots of eating, plus evening time naps. I've consumed soooo much chocolate, pretzels, nuts and crisps.
I finally ventured to the sales on Sunday, didn't really find anything worth spending my money on except perfume, shorts, and tights. I could not sleep at all so I watched Sixteen Candles and Almost Famous. On Monday I went to get my haircut, the girl who usually does it has moved on so I was a bit nervous about somebody else cutting it. It's not exactly how I usually like it, but its fine. Then I went to Reading to see him in the evening (he worked all the from 8pm Sunday till 6am Monday so he could skip working 7-11pm Monday for me to see him earlier..). I wore a black floaty smock dress with my other pair of floral tights, black patent ankle boots and my mac (the rechargeable batteries from my camera are completely dying on me so I haven't been able to take any outfit pictures). We lazed about, got up so so so late today, but it was nice to do nothing.

I wore this at some point over a week ago for drinkies, I have no pictures to post so this will do!

Tomorrow I will be buying new rechargeable batteries, exciting. Maybe some mixers for booze, we have plenty of alcohol at home but not enough juice and fizzy. I may also pop to a couple of vintage stores to see if I can find a pretty dress to wear.
Otherwise it will probably be one of these two:

I'm so so tired (even though I got out of bed at about 4pm?!) goodnight....sweet dreams x

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket....

Happy Christmas! I hope you all have a lovely day. I've just got home for a few drinks. Will I make it to Christmas Mass in the morning?! I still have gifts to wrap!!!!


Love Actually is on, Ive missed half of it so may have to watch the dvd tonight, or perhaps Santa Clause The Movie.

here is what I wore tonight....I just took the pics, my battery was almost dead, so they are not the best. I also wore almost the same thing (minus the faux fur collar) whilst meeting him last night. We had a lovely time, I think he got a bit annoyed when I started singing High School Musical songs to him this morning to wake him up. I should be seeing him Monday, and also getting my haircut.

Monday, 22 December 2008

Constant illuminations

Hurrah! I got paid a nice fat four figure sum today, I was meant to be Christmas shopping but got a bit too much things for myself. Whoopsy.
Shopping again tomorrow, I must write a list of things I actually need to buy for people.

I got 6 new massive rings. How bad?! But my best friend got me two of them so I'll get them as a gift.

My big sister is staying at Christmas, so it means I have to have the sofa bed in my room, just when I had a new picture corner!

I've been tidying my bedroom, which is taken forever! Did anyone watch Russell Brand's Christmas Ponderland last night?! 'I fink angels are sexy'. That show always makes me laugh extremely loud!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Black Bubblegum

First off, the cutesy Blue Ring has tagged me. 6 things that make me happy, I may have done this one before, but I like listing little random things.. I'll leave it as an open tag if anyone wants to do it.

1.The sweet sweet comments you lovely little things give me.
2.Seeing him.
3.Funny times with my family.
4.Being silly with my best friend, I will miss her so so so much when she moves back to Australia for uni next month
5.When cats clean then face with their paws.
6.Films with happy endings.

I went to town with my brother and our fake brother to do some Christmas shopping (they made me come with them) we ended up having lunch, and went in about 3 shops....they are so useless! I watched TV, ate toasted sandwiches, tried to tidy some more, wrote lists of things I need to buy, read a pile of magazines and ate lots of chocolates.

Today I watched animal documentaries, made rice pudding, watched some like it hot, wrapped Christmas presents, took photos, made a few gifts.

Fingers crossed my pay goes into my bank account tomorrow! If I get a cheque I will probably cry! Or beg my brother to borrow some money.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

When I’m home alone I just dance by myself

It's finally holiday time! I'm not back at work until the 5th of January, I can actually enjoy a nice lie in now.

Just a couple of pics with my new tux jacket, and my £10 studded booties!

I still have sooo much Christmas shopping to do!!!! I think I'm going to Reading tomorrow to see 'him' as he's back home now. We had a really long talk on the phone last night. He thought I liked someone else. I thought I made it clearly obvious that I only like him. It makes things so much better knowing how each other feels. Who knows what will happen now. I think he's coming to Oxford on Tuesday to, to stay at mine.
Last night I drank Snowballs, yummy yum. The most festive drink you can get.
I'm still in the middle of sorting out my bedroom, I have tonnes more space, but piles of clothes/rubbish everywhere!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Tell me you love me....Come back and haunt me..

Sorry for being so awful at updating things recently! I'm still adjusting to the new job, its going good though. I'll be working up until Friday, then I will be off work till the 5th of January.....cannot wait!!!

The conference in Leeds was good, it basically involved lots of food really, plus boring seminars. On the last night it was so funny watching all the oldies on the dance floor, pissed. I only quickly made a trip to h&m, I got a lovely cropped tuxedo jacket, so a photo of that to come soon.

I've also been really sorting out junk in my bedroom, so at the moment I my floor is covered in piles of stuff. I can't take any outfit photos because its such a tip. I had to take a break from it tonight to watch Nigella, I love watching her Christmas programmes so much.

I'm hoping this week I will catch up on blogging, next week I will makes sure to post lots, and read lots. I will get round to reading all of your lovely posts tomorrow when I get home from work. With a bowl of rice pudding. It will be perfect. Goodnight x

Afew inspiration images.



Monday, 8 December 2008

The hardest thing you'll ever learn. Is just to love and be loved in return.

The weekend was filled with:cadburys apricot crumble.cuddles.odd dreams.staying in.the office.layer cake.gareth keenan impressions.peanut butter on toast.cookies.the x factor.doing sudoku puzzles in bed.cooking programmes on BBC i player.blueberry and honey shampoo.laughing.tickle fights.smiles.good vibes.being warm and cosy.stripey duvet snuggles.
We stayed in from Friday-Sunday night, it was nice. The train journey home was so dull. But the walk home was pretty, the frost on the pavement sparkled, it was magical.

Today was horrible getting up, I wanted to go back to sleep. Work was good though, the new job is going well. I work with lovely people. Every Tuesday theres a cake morning with free cakes and pastries for staff. Tomorrow I will eat lots of yummy cake. Then at 1 we finish early to go to a conference in Leeds, till Thursday. So I may make a sheduled post tonight.

Friday this is what I wore to go and see him

I got this polka dot bustier/corset thing the other week...not quite sure what to wear it with.

New dress...I may return it. It's a big too big on the bust.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Embrace your sleeping sweetheart with hush, And the words I love you mean so much

Sorry for the lack of posts! Last weekend I went to Birmingham straight after work on Friday, stayed till Monday night(had an lovely lovely time), started my new job on Tuesday, it's been a tiring week!!! I'm getting a train to Birmingham in 1hr30mins, and coming home Sunday. I need to charge my batteries for my camera, and then I will have some outfit/purchase pics to show. Till then I'll just use some oldish pics. Have an amazing weekend :) I'll hopefully get a chance to read some blogs in Birmingham!!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I act stupid, due to cupid.

Missing someone is the worst feeling ever....I'm seeing him on Friday night...I feel a bit scared. Me and him have spoke lots this week, it's been really nice.

Oh, these are my new Monikapolitan glasses. I love them, they are so like ones my mum had in the 80s....with her perm!