Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dress Up

A little inspiration for dressing up.

I think these are all from the cobrasnake.

These inspired me last Halloween, ANTM Season 4 I think. I always want to be something quite cute and girly, not very spooky though is it!

Here's me as Minnie Mouse on my birthday last year (1 week after Halloween, was a mental week!) and Halloween. Oh here's a tip, if you have lines painted under your mouth, don't kiss a boy. I have pictures of black smudge under my lips, not a good look.


Penny Lane said...

you look adorable as minnie!! a ventriloquist doll would be a good halloween outfit, they are so creepy!

Dream on said...

Love it!
31 october is my birthday :)
Then it is halloween haha

the tea drinking english rose said...

wow, thank you!
and you look so adorable!!!
i couldn't really find any on that site, i obviously were looking in the wrong direction, but thank you loads!!
i think i might go as a zombie bride in the end, and i'll make it as pretty as i can with it still looking like i am... er... dead! oh no... maybe i should be pretty! eek.

Anonymous said...

Great post :)
These pics are cool, they've definitely inspired me in the run up to getting my halloween outfit ready!

Linnéa said...

hahaha, inspiriting ^^