Monday, 28 April 2008

Let's Dance!

I got these shoes in march last year from Topshop (£60) so far I've worn them twice i think. At the time i loved them, now I'm not so keen on them. Should i sell them or not? cant decide! i can guarantee if i sell them in a few months time I'll want them back.

Does anybody else get quite attached to their clothes/shoes and the memories that come with them? The first time i wore these shoes was such a good night! A random house party the back into town having so much fun!

Bed time I think....I have to watch tv/dvd to fall asleep, I'm a wimp and get a bit paranoid by noises i hear above my bedroom. I'm convince the thing from jeepers creepers lives there! I think either Bridget Jones or The Office tonight.

93 Millions Miles

I'm slacking a bit with the blog! I will try and do better.
So, on Friday i had my interview (whsmiths) and yay i got the job! Okay, not the best shop in the world, but i seriously need money. I cannot wait to shop, I'm so happy! I should really be in bed, so tired and i start work tomorrow (well technically today).
Saw my boyfriend this weekend, had a lovely time being lazy together. Today I attempted to tidy my bedroom, I'm halfway there! I also baked cakes, i bake all the time!

So here's a few pics from the past few days, I'll do better posts during the week i promise.

Bag lady outfit (bit trampy!)

Cardigan-Dorothy Perkins
Tee(over dress)-Primark
(whoa alot of primark, mostly basics though)

Cosy PJ's for watching DVDs

Socks-eBay(some fetish store)

I've obviously had a thing for animal prints in the past week....

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Best Is Yet To Come

Here's an outfit from last week that i meant to post but forgot. Nothing too exciting!

Coat - Primark
Bag - H&M
T Shirt - Tart Tees
Belt - Primark
Skirt (actually a top) - Next
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Topshop

Haha, I dont have a bald spot....

I got the Michael Jackson t shirt about 4 years ago, its shrunk lots so I always pair it with high waisted items on the bottom half. I really want a new one but i cant find the store online anymore, they had so many cool tees!

Wearing tops as skirts is something i do alot, I obviously have an extreme lack of skirts. The one in the pic was a bargainous £2, I got it when i worked at a next clearance store (complete and utter hell) but i must say end of sales are very good, especially when you can browse the stockroom for goodies.

Click to enlarge pics! I have to balance my camera on a shelf to get full outfit shots, so its a bit far away!


Lot's of lovely things, but no money just yet! I'm looking for a new job and have an interview on Friday, so fingers crossed!!!

Monday, 21 April 2008

Here I Go Again...

I'm a little slow on blogging, so bear with me! I was away at my boyfriends from thursday night till saturday.
Thursday nights watching Katie and Peter the next chapter on itv2 is one of our guilty pleasures, well his anyway, I've always confessed my love of them. I know so many people hate them, but watch it and you will love them.

Then friday we had to do this photo shoot & makeover thing, it was a freebie so i thought why not. Jeez I was so bad at it, there was about 4 nice photos of me, and about 20 of my boyfriend, but at £70 a photo (daylight robbery) we decided not to buy....the bf does photography and he could take better! We got home and made fajitas and watched man stroke woman, it was a very nice day.

Saturday we baked cakes and watched back to the future before i went home. We had a bit of a lovers tiff, it was so silly, but after a whole day of feeling rubbish we made up.

I wish i had some pics to show from the photo shoot! My last outfit was pretty good, the dress from the last post with lace tights and super high shoes....a random man was like 'yowzerrrr, look at those tights, they should'nt be allowed' What am i supposed to say to that?! I also wore this, but bare legged.

Shoes-New Look

Those shoes, I love, I got them last january but Ive never worn them out! They're a bit awkward to wear (quite slippy), but i aim to wear them out soon.

Sorry about the boring rant!!!

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Amaze Us

Afew nights ago playing dress up....I love dressing up but the state of my bedroom after is horrendous. I have such a tiny wardrobe that i have to cram about 10 things on each hanger. So apologies for the mess!

Hair Bow- DIY for Halloween last year
Bow Belt-ASOS
White Socks-EBay

I loveeeee the details of the dress....corset style bust,zip,and the tiered ruffles.
It's actually longer, but I've folded it over underneath the belt

Home made pink lamé bow...I usually wear it on a hairband, but sometimes I put it on a belt, or on a necklace chain.

Where we started.

So I decided to start my blog, I did one a while back but deleted it as it was quite crap really! So many blogs inspire me, so now I'm going to give mine a go.

First off a little picture post from my recent times....

Sunday was a bit of a lazy day...I watched t4, and then baked cakes.

Also there was a pretty view of a rainbow outside my bathroom window


Dress-Primark (its a bit of a potato sack but i like it, and it was only £1)
Belt-Miss Selfridge