Monday, 5 January 2009

Cover me with kisses baby Cover me with love

I hope you all are having a lovely 2009 so far. Back to work for me again today, I was so so tired after not working for two weeks. I should of really had an early night tonight.

First off, I'm crap at doing my links, and I'm sure theres some that are meant to be up but are not. So let me know if your missing.

New years eve....well I decided not to got with a pretty dress as I went to Carling (now o2) Academy.....everytime I end up with blackcurrant stains on my clothes. So I went with big tee, high waisted shorts, tux jacket and stripe tights. I got hideously drunk, have so many black memories from the night, I think I'll be off the booze for a while.

This was sunday for me (plus coat, hat, snood, scarf, arm warmers, gloves).
I have some other things to show you old lady lampshade dress, I am too tired to post the pics now.
Night night.