Monday, 30 June 2008

Still Beats Your Name

I really should be in bed! It's payday though so I'm up late browsing eBay. I really want these Topshop copy shoes

I think the Topshop ones were £65? These are £25.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

We Built This City

Work today was so completely boring! I did have a lovely long weekend though.
Friday night i stayed at my boyfriends and he made me watch Nathan Barley which is rather amusing. Then he came to oxford to stay with me on Saturday night, had some domino's pizza and then we went out to a bar. I need to find my outfit pic, but i just work a black men's tee, black bandage skirt, lace tights and black ankle boots. It was pissing down with rain, and my feet were in so much pain! On Sunday we went into town and had waffles, banana, ice cream and chocolate sauce (sooooo good!), browsed the shops then lazed about watching TV.
Yesterday i had a day off work, had a nice long lie in then organised my (well tried too). It was so lovely and sunny. here's what i wore

Sunglasses-Found in a pub
Sequin Cape-Primark
Shorts-Some cheap shop in Reading called Atlantic?

I brought two pairs of the shorts because they were £1 and they're high waisted light wash denim, the pair in the pic are size 12 but ive rolled the waist down and worn them kinda baggy.

I was also experimenting with things i haven't worn in a while and things i might sell.

I'm quite aware the dress is see through when held out like this!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Shock Of Light Is All That Stops Our Eyes From Speaking

I actually got round to taking some pictures. Was a bit of a task to find my camera, my room is an absolute mess because my sister is moving on Monday, so her stuff is all over the place. It means bigger wardrobe though, now I have another excuse to buy clothes. I need it to be pay day! I need to buy a TV/DVD player, mirrors, a new bed.

I'm really liking this bed from woolies

It's so cool with the headboards that you can move to the other side of the bed.

Oooooh and I NEED this TV/DVD player! I'm quite pathetic really!

The remote control is a bloody wand!!!!

So, here's the primark coat, it's a bit ugly but i like it, but it does look better in person! It was £5 in the sale and i needed a waterproof coat for this rainy time of year.

These are too yummy.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

We Speak In Different Voices....

Sorry about my slacking with this blog! Computer is now fixed though, so i can get back to the lovely world of blogging.
Just had an excellent four day weekend, lazed around with the boyf eating pop tarts and hula hoops on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday nigght i was meant to be seeing exit ten at Carling academy, felt soooo tired though. Then my sister dragged me out at midnight to go to Carling, it was such a good night though! After Carling loads of us went to the park, the boys stole a kids bike, we watched the oc, meant to macds at 6am, went on a nature walk, then finally bed at 9am.

I got paid a couple of weeks ago, a measly amount of about £250, but i will be getting the correct amount for next pay day. Clothes wise i spent about £35, all in primark! I'll photo some of the things tomorrow. I got a PVC type raincoat thing (sounds horrid!), socks, pj bottoms, a belt, a ring, tights, a bag, shoes, make up bag, tshirt dress, pack of undies. Classy.

Anyway here's some random pics to make the post a bit nicer.