Monday, 13 October 2008

Look for the stars as the sun goes down

Today was completely boring at work, I read cookery magazines, so many yummy looking Christmas recipes.

I didn't go out on Saturday night, felt a bit under the weather to. I did get a pretty purse in Dorothy Perkins though.

On Saturday night I was all cosy in bed wathching The X Factor, eating snacks.
Sunday I attempted to tidy, hm didn't go too well.

More nice postcards.

I've been to tesco tonight with my sister, I WASTED £25!!!!! How stupid am I?! I did by some delicious shampoo by (ex) boys mummy buys, it makes your hair smell like ribena but nicer.
Blueberry & Ginseng Shampoo....Blueberry, Ginseng & Honey Conditioner and also Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner.

I'm sooooooo happy tonight! Me and the boy have arranged that I will be going to Birmingham on Friday, coming home Sunday. He's out drunk tonight and texted me
'You do know I cant wait for you to come down :) xxx'
'I may be drunk but I am telling the truth :) i have missed you xxx'
I'm in such a happy mood now.

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the tea drinking english rose said...

aw.. bless you.
i love the pyjamas. and those boxes of 'stuff' i assume?? i have tons of those under my bed at home with so much stuff in it from when i was younger and at school!