Thursday, 30 October 2008

skips a beat

I've been tagged by the enchanting(and that is such an appropriate word!) Inside the Cabinet of Wonder. It's called the happy tag, the rules are; mention the person who nominated you. list 6 unimportant things that make you happy. tag 5 blogs. state the rules. notify them with a teeny comment on their blog that they have been nominated.

1.Simon Cowells hair and teeth. I can't help but smile, it's amazing! I watched some TV awards tonight and he won a special award, he was so sweet.
2.Heart shaped things. I loved being at my (ex)boys house. Heart shaped chopping board, cute heart door hangers, heart candles, heart ornaments. Hearts always make me happy, anything with hearts on and it has to be mine.
3.When cats clean their face. You know how they lick their paw to clean their face, I love watching my cats doing that. It's the sweetest thing ever.
4.Taking naps with the (ex)boy. It's just lovely. I miss that lots.
5.Toast. With blackcurrant jam, that's my fave at the moment.
6.Hello Kitty. She always makes me happy. I didn't quite realise how much Hello Kitty stuff I have, but it's a lot more then I thought!

I now tag
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I really like tags like this one, it's quite nice find out random little things about other bloggers.

Oh I had to include this old picture I found on my phone. My brother found this lovely little man amongst his other beans.

Oh what can I do, I still need you, but I don't want you now

Last night I experimented with my Halloween make up. I finish work at 8 on Friday, so I thought I should really try and plan ahead a little. I also changed my plan of what to be. I did mess up my room quite a bit, so had a little tidy after and found some things I haven't worn in ages for some reason.
Old new look lacey top with pretty sleeves, last worn perhaps 3 years ago.

Primark floaty white camisole, and charity shop bolero type thing.

I will have clearer pictures of these once I've worn them out.

Oh, these pretty pictures were in The Sunday Times Style magazine the other week, at the time I did try and find the pictures online but no luck, maybe now they are up somewhere. I took a couple of pictures on my phone because I thought they were very pretty.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008


Quick post before I head in to town, I'm late, no surprise there!!!

Messy bedroom by the way!

It's about time

Afew faves.

Caught up in your smile, I’m happy as a child

I need a new coat. I think this beauty will be replacing my age 13 children's red new look coat (which i still wear).

Contrast Collar Riding Coat-£65
I need to buy this at some point after pay day on Friday. What size to buy though? Sometimes ASOS things can run large, and sometimes too small.

Monday, 27 October 2008

We're like noughts and crosses in that opposites always attract

Hey, I hope every is feeling lovely. I will sum up my weekend.

Friday, I was going to have an early night, but I went to tesco with my brother, and I saw many hot guys, which cheers me up. My past few single weeks have been quite depressing.
Saturday, I completely messed up my bedroom. I was trying to sort things to sell for a car boot sale. Had some lovely rice pudding while watching The X Factor. Every time Diana sings I want to cry! I must stop. I really loved Ruth too.
I watched Love Actually, twice. I've wathced it about 10 times this week. It makes me cry, laugh, and feel happy.
Sunday, I woke up at 6am to go to a car boot sale, it was raining so I went back to bed, I did pretty much nothing this weekend. Curled up on the sofa and watched lots of TV, and ate homemade apple pie with custard. I watched Living On The Edge on MTV. I prefer it to the last series, which was a bit crap. It does make me a bit sad watching it, just all the relationship stuff. Brooke seems really sweet, and Stephen is such a fool for treating her like that. Maybe I can relate to it. My cat Twinkle was sleeping on the arm of the sofa, and fell off, luckily I caught him, but it scared him so I have scratches all over my hands.
Today at work was so so boring. I have a day off tomorrow and I'm meeting up with a friend to help her find something for Halloween. I also need to find something.

I made these cards for my mothers birthday, and we had lots of yummy chocolate cake, and lemon cake.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

You're The Best Kept Secret Rolling Off My Tongue

Lovely things I want from Miss Selfridge

1.Metallic Lace Dress-£50
2.Polka Dot Shirt-£25
3.Red Strapless Fringe Dress-£45
4.Black Chiffon Bid Dress-£38
5.Black Velvet Bow Dress-£45
6.Long Black Cardi-£18
7.Black Tulip Mini Skirt-£28
8.Black Heart Ring-£8
9.Fabric Print Ring-£6

Ive been looking for a new long cardi for a while, to replace my two cheap primark ones. All the others i found seemed to be over £30, so I'm happy I've found a much cheaper one.

I had such a borning day at work today, I was adjusting magazine stock levels. So I decided to order in copies of fashion magazines I want. I've applied for a new job as an apprentice admin assistant and Brooke's uni, so hopefully I get the job!

Thanks for your lovely comments, it makes me happy. I'm still angry though! I have moment of thinking 'what the hell am I doing pining after him?!' then I have moment of 'I really miss him'. It's just really not like him at all to be so stupid. Part of me things I am making a big deal about this because hes not my boyfriend, but then I was really sure we were getting back together, he really did act that way. Oh, I looked on that girls myspace page today, she's seriously vile! I really hate the fact that my friendship with him may be ruined, because I much as I feel hurt, I do want him in my life, he is one of my best friends.

Now I'm off to make a card for my mummy's birthday tomorrow.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

See I can see that look in your eyes

Warning: I need to bring out my rage is this post.
So, I've just got home from Birmingham. Friday was nice, Saturday was nice. I noticed the (ex) boy, I'll refer to as 'A' was texting somebody an awful lot (he's really bad at texting people by the way). I was like 'who's that?'. Just a friend apparently. I noticed it was a girl, Rosie. I'm quite good at sensing these things. It was bothering me, but I though I was being a bit over sensitive seeing as we're no longer a couple. The way he acts around me is like we're still a couple, I was really thinking we would be getting back together. So when he fell asleep I turned Psycho and checked his phone. yes I know that's sooooo bad, but I just needed to know what was going on so I could stop making a fool out of myself. Some highlights of the texts between them included her mentioning he nipple piercing, arranging a little date in two weeks time(spending the night at his), something about 'well they'd look better on my bedroom floor', theres more but I just can't remember. I woke him up, had a go at him. Cried most of the night. Felt like I was going to vomit being next to him. Not being able to speak to him in the morning, yet I had so much to say. Then I flipped when she texted him. I told him I felt like such an idiot, the fact that he was arranging a date with her when I was with him. He almost referred to me as 'my girlfriend' twice on Saturday. We're not really 'just friends'. Then i logged on to facebook, it was still on his account, so I looked at her profile (I sound crazy) in her profile picture shes with a guy, and her page says 'In a relationship'. Then I flipped again and said how stupid he was for arranging to see her when shes got a boyfriend. She lives in North Hampton or something. Going to Birmingham to spent the weekend with him, when she already has a boyfriend. I'm so so so upset and angry I just have to let this all out. He cried quite alot. That made me feel like such a bitch. I said to him how would you feel if I went to another city to spent the weekend with some guy when I was still with you. Think of her boyfriend. Another thing that really pisses me off is that shes not very attractive, she has really awful teeth. I don't think much of my looks, but I'm better than her. In a way it made me fell better about myself, but on the other hand it's like 'you prefer her to me?'.

Essay over, I'm feeling so crappy and need to let it all out. I still want him stupidly.

I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend a little better, the first half was good, the second, not so good.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Bring me flowers and talk for hours

One of my fave fave blogs The Tea Drinking English Rose gave me this

Thank you thank you, I love your blog too.

Now I would like to pass it on to

Inside The Cabinet Of Wonder

I need to tag more but I'm so pushed for time, I haven't packed at all for Birmingham. I can feel myself getting stressed already. I need to figure out what to wear, snacks for the coach, music to listen too, paint my nails, and much more.

I got my hair cut today, it smells like cinnamon :)
I got pretty dresses in primark for £2 each.
I'm not at work.
My pretty ring from etsy came in the post, I completely love it.

Hopefully I'll have enough time to post before I leave. I need to get back to my list of things to do. Stress.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Dress Up

A little inspiration for dressing up.

I think these are all from the cobrasnake.

These inspired me last Halloween, ANTM Season 4 I think. I always want to be something quite cute and girly, not very spooky though is it!

Here's me as Minnie Mouse on my birthday last year (1 week after Halloween, was a mental week!) and Halloween. Oh here's a tip, if you have lines painted under your mouth, don't kiss a boy. I have pictures of black smudge under my lips, not a good look.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Look for the stars as the sun goes down

Today was completely boring at work, I read cookery magazines, so many yummy looking Christmas recipes.

I didn't go out on Saturday night, felt a bit under the weather to. I did get a pretty purse in Dorothy Perkins though.

On Saturday night I was all cosy in bed wathching The X Factor, eating snacks.
Sunday I attempted to tidy, hm didn't go too well.

More nice postcards.

I've been to tesco tonight with my sister, I WASTED £25!!!!! How stupid am I?! I did by some delicious shampoo by (ex) boys mummy buys, it makes your hair smell like ribena but nicer.
Blueberry & Ginseng Shampoo....Blueberry, Ginseng & Honey Conditioner and also Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner.

I'm sooooooo happy tonight! Me and the boy have arranged that I will be going to Birmingham on Friday, coming home Sunday. He's out drunk tonight and texted me
'You do know I cant wait for you to come down :) xxx'
'I may be drunk but I am telling the truth :) i have missed you xxx'
I'm in such a happy mood now.

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Melt my heart to stone

The weekend is here, so happy it is! I've had such a sore throat all day I'm hoping the (ex)boy didn't pass his disease onto me. Tomorrow afternoon I'm heading into town to meet with my love, bff, I think we may be going out too, so outfit hunting! Argh I'm so annoyed, I saw a lovely pair of shoes in the New Look window on the way to the coach station in Birmingham, looked for them online and in my local store. No luck. I need to wear them tomorrow.

I'm a bit obsessed with navy and gold at the moment, after my school boy blazer score. I saw so many yummy navy/gold things last weekend.

Eugh 12.37 am....Bed time, soooooo tired!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Locket and treasures on the river floor

So I got back from Birmingham at about 9ish last night, and I was so tired I Slept for about 12 hours! Surprisingly I didn't actually do ANY shopping. I only spent money on bus fare, pizza hut and tickets for Tropic Thunder. I did have a browse in the yellow vintage store (lots of yummy things) and a few other shops but I wasn't in the mood to shop. I just wanted to pend time with the boy, which still makes me very very confused. Being like a couple again, he held my hand when we were running to cross the road, and during the film he did too, it gives me butterflies in my tummy all over again. In his room on his little pin board he he a piece of paper with my pink lipstick kiss pinned up, I was quite surprised by that, and a little letter I wrote him. It was so nice to snuggle up, have mid morning nap when its freezing outside and toasty warm inside.
I don't have any pictures, but I wore my school boy blazer both days. I love it so much! Argh I found a perfect winter coat in Urban Outfitters, but it was over £200! I cannot spent that amount. I'm so sleepy so this post is quite crappy. Nitey Night.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Get me gone

I had meant to post last night but I was just too tired! I took a few quick pictures of what I got in town, then watched Ugly Betty and Later With Jools Holland in bed. I only had enough time to shop in Primark and Borders.

(notice my Jared Leto pic!)

Stripey top/dress £1
Jacket £13
Belt £2.50

Black & white stripe tee £2
Red & blue stripe tee £2

I also got a white tee, pj's, undies and slippers. In Borders, Some Like It Hot and The Notorious Betty Page DVDs

(images via google)

I received these eBay things in the post today.

99p school boy blazer, I only won it yesterday and wasn't expecting it so soon.

99p weekend bag (postage was £5, but it is quite heavy!)

Now, I'm off to tidy, bake cakes and get everything sorted for Birmingham tomorrow.