Saturday, 11 October 2008

Melt my heart to stone

The weekend is here, so happy it is! I've had such a sore throat all day I'm hoping the (ex)boy didn't pass his disease onto me. Tomorrow afternoon I'm heading into town to meet with my love, bff, I think we may be going out too, so outfit hunting! Argh I'm so annoyed, I saw a lovely pair of shoes in the New Look window on the way to the coach station in Birmingham, looked for them online and in my local store. No luck. I need to wear them tomorrow.

I'm a bit obsessed with navy and gold at the moment, after my school boy blazer score. I saw so many yummy navy/gold things last weekend.

Eugh 12.37 am....Bed time, soooooo tired!


yiqin; said...

You look SO adorable :) I love the hat & those tights!

the tea drinking english rose said...

navy and gold is lovely.

aw no! i hope you find the pair of shoes you wish for!

cobrasnake.. i keep seeing that bloggers get their pics from there... but what is the actual link? please... i'm too far behind the times to know all the cool sites! :)
aw, how sweet of you love.. it's actually not that fabulous. it's rimmel extra super lash.
nothing posh, shameful.

Penny said...

love the outfit, i have those tights too! i love the way they remind me of moulin rouge!!

the tea drinking english rose said...

thank you for the link. i haven't had chance until now, and i'm waiting for my computer to wake up more so it'll load! thank you!

i have a gift for you, go and have a teeny peek to see what it is.