Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Daydreamer, with eyes that make you melt

So, Friday night I went to my sisters Halloween party, it was okay. The night ended a bit badly though! I was in the loo and someone kept banging on the door saying this guy was going to be sick, so I said take them outside. Then when I came out she was swearing at me?! So i swore back, and told my sister, who told her to leave. She started saying that I 'need to control myself' and kept making up random things which me and my sister apparently said. So she pretty much ruined my night, lots of drunk tears.

Saturday I went into town, got a few make up bits and pieces, and a copy of Wad Magazine, The Girls Issue. It's full of loveliness. On Saturday night I watched The X Factor-Simon Cowell's single now?! Then I cosied up in bed and watch The Holiday.

On Sunday morning I woke up very early to go to Birmingham, it was nice, we watched DVDs, went out to eat, ate biscuits, spoke about when we first met. Then I just had to do what I did last time, and look at his phone. I know I shouldn't but in a way I'm glad I did. Again. Still texting her, and she is meant to be seeing him the weekend coming up. I was meant to be seeing his as it's my 21st on Friday (scary!) and I wanted to do a bit of shopping. I just do not understand him at all, he still tries to be like my boyfriend, I said 'don't kiss me', but he still does. He was texting me on Friday night, and he hates knowing when I'm drunk, he did when we were together because he thought I'd get with some random guy. So I'm confused as to why he still cares. He told me nothing is going on between him and that girl, oh and now she doesn't have a boyfriend? I know I need to move on from him, and find someone new. I don't really want to be single, but I wont just settle for anyone. It would be easier to just cut him out of my life, but he is one of my best friends and he is important to me. Maybe I need to mess with his head a little though? Karma? I think I'm going out in reading with my friend Jessica on Thursday night (night before my birthday, just like last year when I met him). It's funny because whenever I'm single and go out with Jessica I always meet new boyfriends! So if I go out on Thursday I plan on meeting many hot guys. Last year I was awful, we both got so so so drunk, and I don't remember it much but I kissed lots of boys (except the my ex boyfriend funnily). I had such a bad hangover the next day I spent half by Birthday in bed!
There's my new rant over with, it does help typing all of that out.

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Anonymous said...

argh why are boys so confusing? They never seem to give straight answers and try to get away with as much as they can!
Anwayyyy..hope you have fun out for your birthday :)
And great effort with the holloween costume!