Friday, 21 November 2008

Ready for the fall.

Hello lovely people, sorry for the lack of posting this week! I've been feeling a bit rubbish and sad all week. I've had no energy at all. I had a job interview today, I thought it went sort of okay, when i got home i had a snooze, received a voicemail, I got the job!!!!! It's for an apprentice admin assistant at Oxford Brookes University, and the pay is pretty decent too.

Tomorrow evening I shall post, I have the prettiest dress to show you, it's like a princess dress. Pink, lace, and satin. I will also catch up with all your blog posts I've missed this week :) I'm looking forward to this weekend, I plan to tidy my room, bake lots of pretty cakes and cookies, and maybe a bit of diy.

To pretty the post a bit, how sweet is this collar from LouLou Loves You!


chelsea said...

I adore collars, i wish i was less lazy and i would make more, especially as lusting after this one could end in me spending £40.

FashionSqueah! said...

That collar is so pretty, I need it! I shall be adding it, along with so many other things, to my Christmas list! Your princess dress sounds amazing too, looking forward to seeing it! Congratulations on the job too, it sounds ace! Char x