Sunday, 16 November 2008

The stars looked like burning sparks

The weekend went far too fast for my liking. Friday night I had plenty of ice cream and chocolate. Saturday i tidied, tried on clothes, watched the x factor, had a nap, went out. Cheeky vimto, sequin trousers, faux fur coat, big jewellery, dancing, hugs, glasses, blazer, brothers tshirt, veggie burger and chips.

Yes, Im wearing as trashy as can be my brothers hooters tshirt that i ripped the sleeves off of, my friend Shaun did point out the fact that I obviously have nothing in the chest area. I'm glad. It's a bit hard to wear something pretty to Carling, blackcurrant stains always appear, or dirty floor stains. They ruined my white camisole last week from when fell over.

Yesterday I woke up late, felt quite a bit ill(hangover), ate lots of food, watched hollyoaks repeats at 2am.

I didn't want to be at work today, but seeing that the new issue of Pop had arrived made me very happy.

Now I'm off to read Pop in bed, whilst watching Peter Rabbit and eating homemade jam tarts. My aim is to wake up early tomorrow, get my fringe trimmed, make pancakes and hot chocolate for breakfast, and catch up with lots of blogs. It will be perfect.


FashionSqueah! said...

Good call on the pancakes, I'm not very good at making them so I only ever eat them when I'm at home and my brother can make them for me! I love the Hooters t-shirt, I think it's probably good that you don't have a huge chest when wearing that, like it'd look really tacky on me probably! A total lack of irony!

I think that skirt does need to be worn with something plain black or white...kinda limits it's outfits I suppose but it's still cute! Char x

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh the weekend sounds great.
and that t shirt! girly you make that look non-trashy. infact you make it look a little rock and roll!
agree on the chest front...sympathise perhaps. although now i am starting to prefer the 'no chest' thing.
if you get what i mean?

anyway, happy you had fun.
and your hair - i love it. i want to cut it shorter, but am growing it!
i want both. hehe.

BlueRing said...

well you see when girls have bigger chest then they look a bit fuller(stomach wise) than others. If you had more then you might not look as skinny as you do and truly I think it best to have less because bigger chest=no cover up shirts or else you look like you're about to bulge out of the shirt.
The skirt from the previous post is rather pretty, and the nails...even better.
Yes, your hair is so chic and pretty.I'm too much of a scary-frizzy-wavy-haired-cat to do that.

goldieoldiecharms said...

i in fact has nothing in chest area as well.. hahahaha yay to us! love the shirt as 'trashy' as it may be.. hahah

DaisyChain said...

Have a wonderful time chilling out and please be sending home made jam tarts my way. Yum.

Zita said...

I wish I had your weekend, sounds brilliant.And the t-shirt look great