Monday, 24 November 2008

It's all I know...

I hope everyone had a lovely Monday, can Monday's ever be good?!
I had planned to catch up with blogs over the weekend, I ended up not really using the computer though (little brother had lots of work to do).
On Saturday I had a long lie in, then popped into town to buy some nice snacks, and a nice new mug. Here is what i wore, quite trashy/trampy (I showed my ex boyfriend a pic of the coat, his reply was 'need a lift darlin?' haha!').

I watched The X Factor, had yummy sweet potato risotto for dinner, and baked apricot and white chocolate biscuits.

On Sunday I watched films while snuggled up in bed, started my attempt at one of Camille's shredded tees. It's really hurting my head, I get really annoyed with painstaking things like this. It looks really good though, although Camille does a much better job! I also baked some pretty cakes with pink and blue icing and coloured sprinkles and hearts.

Friday is my last ever day at work! Also payday, so a shopping trip is in order, I have a huge lack of clothes. I', so so so tired, hopefully tomorrow I will finally get round to reading lots of your blog entries. Good night, sweet dreams.


Domonique said...

I love the coat, You sound like you had the best weekend. I checked out that online store. I am pretty sure I wanna buy everything. But it's really good for christmas pressies. Thanks for the heads up.


FashionSqueah! said...

He busted me for my ignorance in music! I can very rarely be bothered to spend time/music on money! I love the outfit, those tights are so pretty and I love the jacket! Char x

Zita said...

I love your Trashy/Trampy outfit! looks great

elisabeth said...

i love your outfit as well!!that coat with those tights is just perfect :D i love the fact they're torn as well, looks so good!

p.s - yeah i too do not get paid til friday, so i've scrapped together my food money and JUST have enough for the tights and flask, though it means i wont be able to afford milk until then,so worth the sacrifice though!lol