Friday, 21 November 2008

You've had me at the top of the pile...And then had me kissing the ground

I am so in love with my new dress!
It's pretty long.

I plan to double of the skirt, so its short and super puffy like this :)

Feeling happy

Something from last weekend
Mid sneeze pic!

I handed in my resignation letter today at work, only week one left to go now. I'm so so happy its finally the weekend, again!


Anonymous said...

oh i do love the dress :)

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh your dress!!!!!
princess victoria-olivia!!!!!!

perhaps you should stitch the hem to the waist seam so it will puff out? or maybe you should just go ahead and cut cut cut and add lots and loads of pinky tulle.

oh you are a beauty with your lovely hair!

and i am so happy you are happy!
we don't need our 'a' 's. they just waste our precious time and precious precious happiness. they don't deserve our tears anymore.
please let's stick together!
i bought myself and tilly~rose presents instead of the boy's! made me happier. you shall maybe do the same.

forever hugs xxx

DaisyChain said...

Oh that dress,
where is it from?
and I love the leopard coat as well!

Bambola said...

Love how you made the long dress a bubble dress!
Love the leopard print jacket!
& congrats on handing in your resignation! Not long now :)

FashionSqueah! said...

Love the dress, it's so princess-y and such a pretty colour too, you definatly have to double it up into a puffball, it looks great! I love your fur coat too, lovely! Char x

Elena said...

This dress is soooooooo lovely!

BlueRing said...

the dress is just adorable. You make it so much cooler too. It is a good idea to do the puffing out and making shorter, because otherwise it looses its princessy feel to it.

The other outfit is also really cute. I like the shoes a lot.

I'm glad that you have been feeling happier. Oh and congrats on the new job.


selinaoolala said...

SWEET dress!! the fancy silk store on the left of the markets behind the bullring is AMAZING, loads of floors or fabric, but not too cheap. look in the markets for super cheapness or there are a few warehouses around digbeth but i've never ventured into them, hear there cheap though! hope that helped, they're the only ones i know! x

nv said...

love that dress especially when it puffy! what occasion is it for?