Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lose Ourselves

It's almost midnight, I'm almost 21. Crap. I'm just not looking forward to it, my birthday usually turns out a bit rubbish. My Grampy died on my 11th birthday, so it's a bit tainted. Idiotface ex boy hasn't even texted me yet! I guess he's busy with 'Rosie' (ha that reminds me of the bit in sex and the city where Steve has a new girlfriend Jessica, and Carrie says something like 'i like how you say that like Jessica is allegedly her name.' well that's the tone I'm using).
I have the day off work, but everyone else has work and stuff, they expected I'd be working?! I don't mind, I'm not sure what to do, but I want a nice day of shopping, which is much better alone. I'll either explore my city, the charity shops, vintage shops and cute places, or get the train to somewhere near. I want to wear a pretty dress too. In the evening I shall go out to eat with my family, then onto a few bars perhaps with friends, maybe meet some hot guys.

I oddly got £100 extra pay this month, and besides rent I've only brought magazines, DVDs, books, no clothes really. I did treat myself to a pretty polka dot dress from ASOS today, I posted about it a while ago, it's down to £10, and a pretty necklace for £2.
I'm hoping they send me a birthday discount code like last year! I really need to buy a winter coat.

Tomorrow I will try and take lots of lovely photos.


Domonique said...

Hope your having a lovely birthday, my 21st this year kinda sucked. Just came across your little blog today. Love it already.

yiqin; said...

Happy 21st! My mum always say I will truly be an adult when I am 21. I dont get why. 18 year olds can do EVERYTHING already! Anyway, have a good birthday! *Hugs

the tea drinking english rose said...

happy 21st birthday sweetheart. you are finally an adult. which made me sad when i turned 21 in april.

anyway, i like to turn the numbers around so i'm 12, if you get sad about it, you should do that too.

right now, i feel sad that you are sad so i'm watching charlie and the chocolate factory, and drinking a mug of tea with chocolate magic stars. perhaps you should do the very same so you'll be cheery too.
i just ate a happy one and thought of you.

rosie is no one special in his eyes, you are, and that's why he still confusing you. but now you have to be the stronger one and try and move on. i know it's so hard, but again we should do this together. :)

i really wish i could give you a cheery up hug.

ps... i love love your hallowe'en costume. you looked wonderful.

don't be sad.

Miss Woo said...

A late happy birthday! Hope you get lots of great pressies :)

DaisyChain said...

My 21st was bittersweet too.
I do hope you manage to have a lovely day,
you deserve it.

Alice said...

Happy Birthday!! (Even if it is a little late!)
I hope you enjoyed it, bad things always happen on the wrong day. I have experienced that recently and, no matter how hard you try, you can never separate the two.
And as for Rosie, she is most likely a momentary wonder. He wouldn't be so into you if he was that into her.
Oh and I thought about the skirt! And I may be able to make two, will just have to alter some elastic! Thanks for the idea :)

karl's sweet child said...

happy belated bday... cant wait for my 21st bday!

Anonymous said...

aww booo, break the jinx! sowie bout ur granny, buh if u dont stop feeling miserable on ur DAY, u'd be that way forever(whiich sux!)
puhleez, do stuff really random like hang wiv a stranger n just talk the day away! no emotions, no strings attached. mwahh! *hugss*

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

happy 21st!!
its so weird when you end up turning that thought you would never be "that" old. :)
hope you had a lovely day!

ryan manning said...

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