Wednesday, 26 November 2008

You're telling me that you're lonely.

Today has been quite good, I went into work, there had been a power cut so I was sent home, and still get my full pay. I just wish I'd made more of my day, I started tidying, but it didn't really get far, I managed to put everyone from my floor on to my bed, hoover, and it's still on my bed now.

Anyway here's what I wore today. Note, I NEVER wear jeans, but I did for a few hours today. This is way too boyish for me, but it was warm, and fine for staying at home.

I noticed specks of glitter on my floor, in an area which I'd hoovered about 20 mins before. I like to think it's magical fairy dust.
You can just about make out the dots.....

I found these in the back of my wardrobe :)

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Anonymous said...

argh. i want ur shoes! They are perfect!!

FashionSqueah! said...

The socks and shoes are adorable! I hardly ever wear jeans either, it's a weird feeling! Yours are really nice though! Think I'm also having a day in today since it's 11.30 and I'm only just awake! Char x

BlueRing said...

Well, seeing as how it was a stay at home outfit, it was fitting and no, the boysih look is there but its not a bad thing, instrad sometimes it looks rather nice and its good to make a change in ones style fo dressing.
I adore your hait style by the way.

Te-he, yeah cleaning is just a poopy thing to do.
Oh and what cool shows you've got.

The glitter is most definitly fairy dust. Now why were there? Maybe they all had tea at your house without you knowing. hehe


Elena said...

The socks and shoes are very cute!