Friday, 5 September 2008

Written In The Stars

Awww thank you all for your lovely comments :)
My boyfriend has managed to get onto the course he wanted in Birmingham, I'm happy for him but then also I just feel really like I don't know whats going on with us. I'm sure many couples have are feeling that at this time of year. So I'm seeing him tomorrow after work, I finish at 8, so I need to get really fast before i get the train to reading,

I'll probably wear something completely different though.

Here's a few things I picked up today at work.

I'm becoming quite addicted to Love It! magazine, the best bit being the handy tips section.

£60 for a tip of using sandwich bags as gloves?! Can anyone thing of some really crap tips?

Ahhhhh I'm listening to a bit of Elton John, forgot how amazing Something About The Way You Look Tonight is.

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