Friday, 12 September 2008

Dull As Dish Water I'm Afraid

I really wanted to do lots of blog posting/reading this week, but my (almost) week off has not been very productive at all. To sum up my days:

Monday: Charity shops, got a sweet lace type bolero, shirt, and tiered prom dress. Wilkinson's, 2 huge pink storage boxes which I had to lug home. Primark, I spent £40 but will be returning the lot tomorrow!
In the evening I went to the fair, got extremely scared on the ghost train, also went on another ride.
Tuesday: I don't even know what I did in the day, but the fair again in the evening. I should hopefully have pics from this at some point, bumped into a friend he was walking around with a huge picture frame stopping random people for pics. I got some in front of the pretty carousel. Then went to a bar, gossiped about the school day.
Wednesday: Work.
Today: Stayed in bed watching day time TV, moped about. Made brownies and watched Northanger Abbey.
Tomorrow: Reading to the boyfs, fabric store, h&m, hopefully a nice meal out.

This is a very dull read I'm sorry, I tend to ramble. Some better stuff this weekend! I'm hoping i can get my boyf to take some pictures on his lovely camera.

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FashionSqueah! said...

Ach we all have weeks like that! I'm typing this in my PJs so you know I empathise! Char x