Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Who Knows.

Hey, sorry once more! My week has been pretty *poo*. Me and the bf broke up when i stayed at his on Friday night, it was all really odd. We figured it would be better to see how we are apart, rather then forcing things to work, then we can see how we feel. I was a bit of a bitch not speaking to I'm on Saturday, but i was so upset. So me and my friend went out on Saturday night, came home and watched love actually (i watch it way too much!). I did tell her 'make sure i don't text him!', then i got a text from him on Monday asking if he could see me on Friday. Sorry to turn this blog into a relationship one, but i just need to get it all out, and its easier in writing form i think.

So, I finally finished a skirt i half made making ages ago.

I looked quite awful here!

I'm also halfway through a black lame skirt.


the tea drinking english rose said...

:(! how sad!
i'm completely feeling your pain, although i think i convinced him to stay with me, but didn't quite convince myself!
and so brave, because that breaking up part is rubbish...but that's done now, and if you have your friends and soppy sad movies, you'll be ok!

empathetic hug!

on a happier note! that skirt is hot! i love it! you can take it to the local playschool and teach the kids how to count! i want one!!!!

be smilie! and er.... sorry for the essay.. oops.

chlozzard said...

aaah, boys suck :/
yourn skirt is cute! :)