Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Bread and Roses

~BostonBill~'s Flickr

I really love the vintage ice skating photo!


the tea drinking english rose said...

those photographs are lovely.

and i'm such a pansy pants, i cry all the time when i watch that!! but only at a certain bit.
i know!! aren't we silly. these boys are getting more than enough attention from us!! :)!

so is it still on-off situation? it will all fall into place anyway.
and how lovely of you with he box.
no wonder you're special to him!

andddddddd........ to finish this poorly written essay, i need a haircut too. split ends. oops.

the tea drinking english rose said...

woah that was really long... sorry.

Chic Looks said...

I love vintage pictures, they have some sort of airy, happy feel to them. The britney one is hilarious...

The Clothes Horse said...

Oh, I love all of these photos. Vintage photographs always seem more magical ones than the modern versions.

Anonymous said...

these are all lovely. and yes you're right, the ice skating one especially!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

these photos are wonderful..i love them all. i really love the moon one...i am not sure why, as i have always found "moons with faces" scary! :)
i really love your blog too!

Penny said...

ohh i adore all of these pictures!! the tramp one is a little odd though.... lol
i must say this a million times a week, but i am totally born in the wrong era!