Saturday, 20 December 2008

When I’m home alone I just dance by myself

It's finally holiday time! I'm not back at work until the 5th of January, I can actually enjoy a nice lie in now.

Just a couple of pics with my new tux jacket, and my £10 studded booties!

I still have sooo much Christmas shopping to do!!!! I think I'm going to Reading tomorrow to see 'him' as he's back home now. We had a really long talk on the phone last night. He thought I liked someone else. I thought I made it clearly obvious that I only like him. It makes things so much better knowing how each other feels. Who knows what will happen now. I think he's coming to Oxford on Tuesday to, to stay at mine.
Last night I drank Snowballs, yummy yum. The most festive drink you can get.
I'm still in the middle of sorting out my bedroom, I have tonnes more space, but piles of clothes/rubbish everywhere!


Zita said...

I wish this outfit was in my wardrobe for me to wear tonight

Penny said...

wowza those shoes are fierce!!! where on earth did you manage to get them for only £10?!!

Bambola said...

The whole outfit looks absolutely divine!!!! LOVE the poofy skirt & tux combo. & those shoes. They look like a combination of the Sam Edelman boots everyone's talking about & a pair of zip up Loboutins that've been around too :)

Happy holidays Lovely xx

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder said...

your room is ever so cute!
i love your wicked outfit!

A dreamer said...

amazing tuxedo jacket and shoes! i really love the puffy prom dress too.

good luck witht the christmas shopping.

Domonique said...

where on earch did you purchase those shoes for £10. I think I pretty much need them! Loving the jacket. Also good luck with the boy, hope everything works out for christmas.

Miss Woo said...

Those booties are fierce!

Anonymous said...

those shoes rule. and i agree, it's good to talk and have the other person understand how the other feels. I hope all is well, dear :)

Caitie Harri said...

AMAZING shoes!!

Katia said...

haha, I do the same =]

I love your shoess, dess and jacket!

Penny said...

peacocks?!! oh my, i must start shopping in there! i always thought it was a bit naff but those shoes have swayed me!

DaisyChain said...

You look amazing, the dress (?) is perfection,
and I love the jacket.

Where oh where are the booties from?