Sunday, 21 December 2008

Black Bubblegum

First off, the cutesy Blue Ring has tagged me. 6 things that make me happy, I may have done this one before, but I like listing little random things.. I'll leave it as an open tag if anyone wants to do it.

1.The sweet sweet comments you lovely little things give me.
2.Seeing him.
3.Funny times with my family.
4.Being silly with my best friend, I will miss her so so so much when she moves back to Australia for uni next month
5.When cats clean then face with their paws.
6.Films with happy endings.

I went to town with my brother and our fake brother to do some Christmas shopping (they made me come with them) we ended up having lunch, and went in about 3 shops....they are so useless! I watched TV, ate toasted sandwiches, tried to tidy some more, wrote lists of things I need to buy, read a pile of magazines and ate lots of chocolates.

Today I watched animal documentaries, made rice pudding, watched some like it hot, wrapped Christmas presents, took photos, made a few gifts.

Fingers crossed my pay goes into my bank account tomorrow! If I get a cheque I will probably cry! Or beg my brother to borrow some money.


erin meagan said...

i love your disco ball! your blog posts are lovely!

Anonymous said...

your boots keep tantalising me! they are so gorgeous! I wish i lived in england ...

TheMinx said...

such a cute outfit, your shoes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

lol. mum will borrow u money.. they are so swee! i love all the pix. and u look amazing! love the look and

FashionSqueah! said...

Your room is so sweet! I love all your Hello kitty things, isn't she the sweetest? I love your outfit too, the boots look amazing with those cream tights and that belt is fab too!

I'm jelous of all the velvet you saw in the charity shops, I don't even have money for charity shops at the moment, argh! Hope you got your pay ok! Char x

Katia said...

First, I adoreee everything about your outfit
second, I adore rice pudding, now i want someee
third, "seeing him" in the things that make you happy, AW =] too cute

BlueRing said...

hallo dearie,

yay, you did the tag.
Narnia is indeed a very good movie, both of them.
oh wow, he lived in your neighborhood, that is awesome.

oh, I hope you get to see 'him' more often then.
your room seesm lovely, from the little bits we saw.
that picture in the red frame is wonderful, as is the big golden snowflake looking thing.

oh and yum, i love those big lollipops. i wish i had one.

well i must leave and do some work. hope you do get your pay, and have a lovely week, filled with wonders and many gifts.
thanks for the comment by the way. meant a lot.