Friday, 5 December 2008

Embrace your sleeping sweetheart with hush, And the words I love you mean so much

Sorry for the lack of posts! Last weekend I went to Birmingham straight after work on Friday, stayed till Monday night(had an lovely lovely time), started my new job on Tuesday, it's been a tiring week!!! I'm getting a train to Birmingham in 1hr30mins, and coming home Sunday. I need to charge my batteries for my camera, and then I will have some outfit/purchase pics to show. Till then I'll just use some oldish pics. Have an amazing weekend :) I'll hopefully get a chance to read some blogs in Birmingham!!!


Domonique said...

I love/want the rings! and the last pic... hello kitty <3
Have a fab weekend!

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh you princess you.
how adorable you loo. oh how is it all going?
i wish you love and perfection.
your recent outfits look amazing!!

you have such style. pretty pretty.

have a wonderful weekend, and good luck if you need it.

hugs xxx said...

That dress is cute and I reallllly want a bow ring ... I think I shall have a new DIY project :D

chlozzard said...

i love your fur coat, i want one so bad!

rather-robyn said...

woweeee!I love the ribbons and heart image-it made me want to collect everything dotted like a polka-magpie!also, I love the fur coat, you look brilliantly eccentric!