Monday, 15 December 2008

Tell me you love me....Come back and haunt me..

Sorry for being so awful at updating things recently! I'm still adjusting to the new job, its going good though. I'll be working up until Friday, then I will be off work till the 5th of January.....cannot wait!!!

The conference in Leeds was good, it basically involved lots of food really, plus boring seminars. On the last night it was so funny watching all the oldies on the dance floor, pissed. I only quickly made a trip to h&m, I got a lovely cropped tuxedo jacket, so a photo of that to come soon.

I've also been really sorting out junk in my bedroom, so at the moment I my floor is covered in piles of stuff. I can't take any outfit photos because its such a tip. I had to take a break from it tonight to watch Nigella, I love watching her Christmas programmes so much.

I'm hoping this week I will catch up on blogging, next week I will makes sure to post lots, and read lots. I will get round to reading all of your lovely posts tomorrow when I get home from work. With a bowl of rice pudding. It will be perfect. Goodnight x

Afew inspiration images.



DaisyChain said...

Great inspirations <3

Anonymous said...

i love the cobrasnake looks! too hot! yay! a new job!

A dreamer said...

yay for the cobra snake. i think i'd die without have a look at lookbook at least 3 times a week.