Thursday, 7 August 2008

Oh No No

I'm trying to make up for a lack of posting! Just found this pictures from something i wore afew sundays ago. My hayfeaver was SO bad, my eyeliner ran all down my face! I completely love this skirt, its silk and really light and but the sequins weigh it down quite a bit. I got it in Miss Selfridge afew years ago, and it was reduced to £3, bargain!

Skirt-Miss Selfridge


FashionSqueah! said...

Lovely outfit, that skirt looks a lot more expensive than £3! I love a good bargain...hope your hayfever's a bit better! Char x

claire said...

hello i agree the skirt looks expensive, what a bargain


i really like the collage below too, you have a great eye x

rather-robyn said...

That is a truly great bargain! I love how you wore it with the cardigan and brogues, it looks great!
At the McFly gig they had no T-shirts disappointingly, but they had some strange flags which were at least 4 years out of date, which I was considering buying for the sheer crappy novelty of it.