Monday, 18 August 2008

I Think You're Swell

Hey lovely people, hope you all had a great weekend!
To sum up my weekend:
After work I asked my friend Jessica if she fancied going out, was a last minute thing after work and I ended up wearing my pirate shirt from a few posts ago, but with my heeled brogues. Went to a couple of bars, then to a club and danced the night away. I'm debating putting afew pics up, I don't even know who half the people are! Oh well, here goes!

As you can see I acquired afew accessories though out the night including a flashing badge, garland and a straw hat.

I got home at about 1ish, and had to meet my friend down Cowley road to do a bit of shopping. I was still felt pretty wasted. I just wanted to go to bed! We went to Costa coffee and had mango ice drinks, then to afew charity and vintage stores. I got to videos (buy 1 get 1 free in Bernardo's) Alive (amazing film!) and almost famous. I also got some pick and mix, and a sandwich. I'm too broke to buy anything nice! I did see heaps I wanted though. I got home and watched the x factor (so funny!, then Pop Britannia on BBC2, its a new series about the history of British pop music. It was quite interesting, and this episode was all about music in the last 50's - early 60's (love love love).

Arghhh the guys looked so cool, even Cliff Richard was cool back then!
I did want to watch one of The Beatles films A Hard Day's Night, but had to meet my boyfriend from the train station.

Me and my boyf got up late, went into town, I had pick and mix again! Did a spot of people watching, then walked home. I took him on a less busy route home, and he noticed a comic store, so we browsed comics for a while and he got afew as inspiration for the comic hes starting (summer and seth much?).

I wore this, it's a peter pan collar dress, with my navy blue velvet coat.

I've felt really ill all weekend, so this post is rambling quite a bit!!!! Also I'm a bit sad as my best mate found out she got into her uni of choice, so she'll be moving back to Aussie, and my boyfriend is sorting out clearing for uni, and I just don't think things will work out. I know I can make the effort, but I'm not so sure he will.


LEESH said...

Almost Famous is one of my all time favorite films! and your outfits are pretty pretty!


yiqin; said...

Love the shirt & the shoes & the hat is super super awesome!

elisabeth said...

hope the clearing worked - it usually does, a lot of my friends have ended up in an excellent uni through uni so dont worry!u'd be surprised how many people get a place at a uni and dont take it, so theres always lots of places!

i love love love that dress!its beautiful and so simple, is it vintage?

p.s- yup thats the playsuit!!!lol aint it pretty?!