Friday, 15 August 2008

I Think I'm In Love

I received an eBay package in the post today, it cost about £12 all together, bargain!!

It has huge shoulder pads which I'm very likely to remove as
they make me look like an American football player.

Bow detail, and crinkly upper material

I prefer strapless party dresses though.

My way of eBay buying is always strictly buy it now + lowest price first, and usually you have to scroll through afew pages to get to the lowest first stuff.
I very rarely bid on stuff, and if I do its always last minute, I find it all too stressful! Plus I always stick to my budget through buy it now.

I tried out some ideas for my lace bow

I like how it looks like a butterfly perched on the chain.

Dress-Primark(its a long tee really)
Glasses-H&M Men
Mary Janes-Primark


LEESH said...

you're such a doll! love your blog! i'm linking you! xx

chlozzard said...

aaah i love primark, and your ebay buy! :D

Ariella said...

That top with the huge shoulder pads looks interesting. I like your skirt a lot, with the bows... Very cute!

rather-robyn said...

Love the crafty bow moment, and the long Primark tee looks like the AA double-U dress, a great find!

Dina-Dyorre said...

Nice finds :o

And sticking to your budget is great, the best thing to do on eBay is to bid on the ones that are not in one of the popular vintage stores and aren't photographed on a model. There's still gorgeous stuff and it gets much less bids!

Anonymous said...

Yay for lace! And bows! two of my favourite things.. it looks really lovely, and well done for your crafty work.