Wednesday, 11 June 2008

We Speak In Different Voices....

Sorry about my slacking with this blog! Computer is now fixed though, so i can get back to the lovely world of blogging.
Just had an excellent four day weekend, lazed around with the boyf eating pop tarts and hula hoops on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Saturday nigght i was meant to be seeing exit ten at Carling academy, felt soooo tired though. Then my sister dragged me out at midnight to go to Carling, it was such a good night though! After Carling loads of us went to the park, the boys stole a kids bike, we watched the oc, meant to macds at 6am, went on a nature walk, then finally bed at 9am.

I got paid a couple of weeks ago, a measly amount of about £250, but i will be getting the correct amount for next pay day. Clothes wise i spent about £35, all in primark! I'll photo some of the things tomorrow. I got a PVC type raincoat thing (sounds horrid!), socks, pj bottoms, a belt, a ring, tights, a bag, shoes, make up bag, tshirt dress, pack of undies. Classy.

Anyway here's some random pics to make the post a bit nicer.

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Rachie-Pie said...

love that giant white tee and also super cool mikey tee...i have quite a tee colection n this is not one of them! where is it from?!