Monday, 30 June 2008

Still Beats Your Name

I really should be in bed! It's payday though so I'm up late browsing eBay. I really want these Topshop copy shoes

I think the Topshop ones were £65? These are £25.


Penny said...

LOVE those shoes, especially the way the platform is kind of cut off, if you know what i mean?!

A dreamer said...

love those shoes. browsing through topshops online store keeps me up at night. i never buy anything just look at all the pretty clothes. >.<

Nemerae said...

Thanks ^^
I do love those shoes too, they are really stunning!!=P I've never founnd interesting things on Ebay :( [just once] Tell me your secret haha

A dreamer said...

btw i 've tagged you. details on my blog.