Monday, 28 April 2008

93 Millions Miles

I'm slacking a bit with the blog! I will try and do better.
So, on Friday i had my interview (whsmiths) and yay i got the job! Okay, not the best shop in the world, but i seriously need money. I cannot wait to shop, I'm so happy! I should really be in bed, so tired and i start work tomorrow (well technically today).
Saw my boyfriend this weekend, had a lovely time being lazy together. Today I attempted to tidy my bedroom, I'm halfway there! I also baked cakes, i bake all the time!

So here's a few pics from the past few days, I'll do better posts during the week i promise.

Bag lady outfit (bit trampy!)

Cardigan-Dorothy Perkins
Tee(over dress)-Primark
(whoa alot of primark, mostly basics though)

Cosy PJ's for watching DVDs

Socks-eBay(some fetish store)

I've obviously had a thing for animal prints in the past week....

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