Monday, 21 April 2008

Here I Go Again...

I'm a little slow on blogging, so bear with me! I was away at my boyfriends from thursday night till saturday.
Thursday nights watching Katie and Peter the next chapter on itv2 is one of our guilty pleasures, well his anyway, I've always confessed my love of them. I know so many people hate them, but watch it and you will love them.

Then friday we had to do this photo shoot & makeover thing, it was a freebie so i thought why not. Jeez I was so bad at it, there was about 4 nice photos of me, and about 20 of my boyfriend, but at £70 a photo (daylight robbery) we decided not to buy....the bf does photography and he could take better! We got home and made fajitas and watched man stroke woman, it was a very nice day.

Saturday we baked cakes and watched back to the future before i went home. We had a bit of a lovers tiff, it was so silly, but after a whole day of feeling rubbish we made up.

I wish i had some pics to show from the photo shoot! My last outfit was pretty good, the dress from the last post with lace tights and super high shoes....a random man was like 'yowzerrrr, look at those tights, they should'nt be allowed' What am i supposed to say to that?! I also wore this, but bare legged.

Shoes-New Look

Those shoes, I love, I got them last january but Ive never worn them out! They're a bit awkward to wear (quite slippy), but i aim to wear them out soon.

Sorry about the boring rant!!!

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Wendy said...

Those shoes made me gasp, the contrasting of orange and black is so rad.