Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bust It Baby

My eBay dress came in the post today, yay! I tried it on with afew of the different shoes I acquired over the recent week, just seeing what I like best for when/if I go out at the weekend.

Shoes 1-Primark
Shoes 2-Primark
Shoes 3-eBay

By the third set of shoes I realised the dress has pockets!
I've had to do a bit of folding and tucking with it, as its actually really long!!

I also got a couple od skirts in primark, a Luella copy at £6, and a hot pink hounds tooth skirt. I may return both, especially the pink one, I love the shape and cut of it, but its one of them obvious items if you see someone else wearing it at the same time.

Tee-H&M boys

Think I may have to finish off the rest of my Sainsbury tiffins now, soooo good! I'm easily putting back on the weight I lost when I was sick!!


Penny said...

That dress is nice and summery! I saw the pink skirt - and was going to buy it! But I also thought I would end up seeing loads of other girls wearing it too so I decided against it!
Looks fab though!

CoutureCarrie said...

The short floral dress is so hot! And made edgy when worn with black boots - love it!!

stacyinsaddleshoes said...

My favorite on you is the short version with the white socks and flat black oxfords