Monday, 2 March 2009

I Wanna Talk Tonight..Until the Morning Light

Hmmm, my weekend was not as productive as I had hoped! After work on Friday I popped into town to buy magazines. Saturday I pretty much did nothing, I watched Friends and Come Dine With Me in bed whilst eating crisps. Sunday, I went into town and got a couple of Cd's and DVDs, yummy tiffins from Salisbury's and make up and toiletries. The pics of what I wore are pretty awful!!! I need to buy a new flash for my camera, plus my main light and one of my lamps bulbs blown during the weekend.


Bambola said...

Love those stockings!! =)

Anonymous said...

i love your stockings. might i also add that i have a ring that looks scarily similar to the one you are wearing. I am talking about the one with diamonds on them :)

Penny said...

those tights are really cool, i love the knee-pad look of them!

Later that day said...

love the rings!

Anonymous said...

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dance with me forever said...

wow, lovely room..and cute tights!

AMIT said...

Its very cool pictures.

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