Saturday, 14 February 2009

Tutti Frutti

I've had an amazing night with my two best friends, one of them is leaving for Oz on Monday, so tonight is last last time I'll be seeing her for ages, I need to save up to see her. She has just left mine and I didn't want tonight to be about goodbyes, because it's not. We did have a teary moment tonight, and it was really sad. I haven't really posted mi8ch recently because I needed to focus I've felt a bit down about things.
Oh, there was a real hottie out tonight, he was pretty, and on par with freddie from skins!!!! I think he may have been gay though. So beautiful he was.

Happy Valentines Day!!!!

I have some lovely pics from the night to show when she uploads then

Its almost 5am, and I need to be up at 7.30am to get the train to Birmingham to see the ex boy. Have an amazing day with your love, best friends or family. XXXXXX


rather-robyn said...

I know what you mean about general new year rubbishness...but that old lady dress is amazing!

Also, I've been trying to avoid Skins this time but Freddie keeps me coming back!

vicen said...

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Domonique said...

I too have been a little slow with the postings feeling slightly better now its like mid feb. Hope to see some more posts soon missy.


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I'm sorry about your friend leaving, but it's australia i'm sure your friend will have fabulous times ahead.

Rylie said...

sounds like a blast.
have fun with the boy